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How long does the credit repair process take?
If you have errors on your credit reports that can be successfully disputed, you could see improvement in your credit in under 15-30 days with our Fast Track Program. Our fast track program has the highest deletion ratio within the first 15 days. Our clients are seeing an 80% removal of negative items being removed within their first 15 days.
Who can fix my credit report?

Though the credit repair process starts with you, it is the credit bureaus that ultimately make changes to your credit reports. So if you find an error in one of your credit reports and need it to be removed you can hire Credit Master Fix.

Do you offer guarantee?

Yes - we offer a 90 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied we will refund your money in full. No one in our business can predict a specific outcome, but we can assure you that we will do everything possible to maximize the likelihood of great results

Do you offer free consultation?

Yes - we would love to chat. You will find no pushy salespeople here, just honest answers and realistic expectations.

What are credit repair companies?
Credit repair companies get paid to help consumers clean up their credit. What they can and cannot do is determined by the Credit Repair Organizations Act. While there are legitimate credit repair companies that follow these rules, there are many violators, which is why it is so important for you to watch out for red flags.
Do you have restrictions on number of items disputed?

No — we dispute as many items per cycle as defined to ensure we get you off the program at a much faster pace. Our unique process is designed to deliver results in an expeditious manner.

How do credit bureaus investigate disputes?
When a credit bureau receives a dispute, they forward it to the data furnisher that provided the disputed information. The data furnisher is asked to verify its accuracy. If verified, the disputed item remains unchanged. If unverified, the credit bureau should correct it. For more details, here’s how the bureaus describes their dispute process: TransUnion, Experian, Equifax. Back to Top
What if all my negative accounts are accurate?

As you’re looking over your credit situation, a question pops up: what if most or even all of my negative items are accurate? Will credit repair still work for me? Well, there are more opportunities for change and growth than you might think. Here’s why. The F.C.R.A has strict requirements to report information on credit reports and there is a high change the negative items on your report are not following those rules. In fact according to one study done by creditcards.com one of every five American consumers has an error on his or her credit report and 5 percent of us endure errors so serious that we likely are being overcharged for credit card debts, auto loans, insurance policies and other financial obligations, according to a comprehensive study issued Monday by federal regulators.

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